What is it? What does it mean?

What is it? What does it mean?

Every now and then I have people look at one of my paintings and ask “what is it, what does it mean”. So I thought I’d try to explain my take on abstract expressionism in particular and art in general.

What is art?
So here goes the big one. What is art? In my personal view: Art is a sensory input that evokes a mental, physical or spiritual response from the beholder. Now, this leaves a lot to interpretation, and intentionally so. The simplest way I can put it is this: one man’s crap is another man’s masterpiece; it’s all up to the individual. If its art to you, then its art.

While we’re on the big subject let me just say one more thing. I do not believe that art should be harmful to any living thing in any way. Personal opinion coming up here… starving dogs, recording suicides or cutting goats in half may be art to some people, but to me it’s just sadistic butchery…end of personal opinion.

What’s the scoop on my paintings?
I paint mainly in the “Abstract Expressionist” movement. There’s tons of good literature written on this so I won’t even attempt to explain it fully here. I paint in this manner because I enjoy it, and because I seem to be fairly good at it (a matter of opinion of course).

A painting doesn’t necessarily have to be a picture of something to be art. Most art to be sure, is representative of something, a tree, a bird, a person, whatever. I take that once step further, so instead of reproducing something that exists in reality, I paint feelings, emotions, or an image that happens to be in my head. There are also times, when I let the painting dictate the painting process, and I simply follow along. This is sometimes called “action painting” and quite a few of my paintings come from this particular source.

But, keep in mind, there is nothing random in any of my paintings. Every molecule of paint is deliberately applied. I don’t just throw paint at a canvas to see what happens.

So when you look at one of my paintings and ask: what is it? What does it mean? The best answer I can give to that is: that it is whatever you see it as being, the meaning is whatever you feel that it means.
Some paintings will make you feel good; others will be disquieting to some people;
some folks won’t like them at all, which is perfectly valid too; my work is not for everybody.

Just look at the painting and try not to look for an object, relax and look at them with an open mind I think most people will have a rather pleasant experience.
Remember, the only true freedom we have, is what goes on inside our minds.

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