What’s shakin’ at Rodzart 6-11-2010

What’s shakin’ at Rodzart 06-11-2010.

Hi Folks. Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a good week.

We didn’t have the most productive so week I’m afraid we have only one new painting for you. Some weeks we do more canvas priming and drawing than we do painting. If nothing else, Jack didn’t scare up any snakes this week, so I guess that’s a plus.

The new painting for this week is a 9 X 12 acrylic on watercolor paper called: Expression 1039
Expression 1039.

DarkWorld III is pretty much finished, but as with many paintings I need to step a way from it for a day or two before I decide if it’s completely finished.
I fully expect to have it here for you next Friday. I think you’ll like it.

I thought this week I’d touch on my particular style of art. Now, don’t confuse style with genre. I work in several different genres, i.e. Abstract Expressionism, Abstract Geometric, Supremacist, and occasionally surrealism.
My style, of simplicity, remains the same across all the genres. Although I’d like to call it minimalism, that’s a genre on its own and doesn’t really describe what I do. I suppose we could call this simplicism, but I think that might be misinterpreted too…lol.

Simply put, I like to keep things simple. If I can accomplish what I want with two brushstrokes, I won’t use 10. One of the hardest things in painting is to know when to quit. In other words, say what you want to say and then shut yer yap.

Let’s take for example The jagged edge
the jagged edge. I could have kept going on this painting for a good long while, but I accomplished what I was after with the paint you see, and it was time to stop. A line or a shape in the right place can say an awful lot if you just let it.

Why simply things to this degree? Well, I don’t speak for anyone else, but myself, I think the world is way too complicated already without me adding to it. Art serves a lot of purposes in society, but for me, my art is mostly a way to dodge reality. I hope that’s what it does for you as well.

Before I go, I just want to mention one more little thing. Almost every time I talk about stuff like this, there’s some ahhh-teest out there who wants to argue with me and wave his art degree in my face. Well, as my Ol Dad used to say, “tough shitsky”. You may have time to waste looking down your nose at people, but I’ve got too many paintings to finish to get caught up in pointless arguments. Let’s keep it simple folks.

For folks around the Tampa Bay area with impeccable taste in art, I’ve got six paintings hanging in “The Art of Hair” salon at 10963 Causeway Blvd., in Brandon. So, I hope you’ll drop by and check them out, and maybe get some great hair styling while you’re there.

Just a reminder, if you’d like to get this blog by email, it’s as easy as sending me an email and saying so. Right now I publish the blog on Word press, Blogger, Facebook, and Myspace, with slightly modified versions (I take out links to other sites), published on ArtWanted, Deviant Art, and Fine Art America.

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I hope everyone has a peaceful and prosperous week.


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